I was very enthusiastic when the Fall River Herald News asked me to be their first participant in a segment called “Ten from the Line”.  Local celebrities are being asked to shoot 10 freethrows, and as Miss Massachusetts 2006 and a former Varsity Captain for B.M.C. Durfee High School, they thought I might like to kick off the fun.

Now, I haven’t shot a basketball in many years, and while I used to be great from the free throw line, it definitely isn’t like riding a bike.  I was REALLY nervous to be back on the basketball court, nevermind being videotaped!  But, it was a great time, and I had a blast!  Also, very importantly, it was so great to take a step back into the sport I have always enjoyed so much.

Check out the video to see how many I made!

The Herald News – Ten from the Line: Click in