Michaela is a great addition to your next event!

Invite Michaela to share her story of survival, the ways we can all strive toward better heart health, and how to find the motivation to turn obstacles into opportunities. Michaela has spoken and keynoted at a wide range of programs, including:


  • Health and wellness workshops, expos, conferences, and summits
  • Employee wellness educational programs
  • Luncheons, galas, balls, fundraisers, and ceremonies
  • Support groups and meetings
  • Youth events, camps, and school festivities
  • Medical seminars and symposiums

Include Michaela into your next function!

“Michaela captivated our audience with her personal journey and strength in a way that touched every person in the room. Her experience and advice were insightful and educational, and helped us all understand the importance of our health and some of the warning signs to be aware of.”

Judy Durkin
Raytheon Company
VP Financial Planning


“Michaela is a dynamic and articulate speaker on a multitude of topics relating to heart disease. She captures the attention of her audience by sharing her compelling personal story. Her approach is warm and her message is clear. Although hearing she had heart disease as an active, ambitious child, Michaela has channeled her energy as an adult to educate and create awareness. She lives her life to the fullest and is an example that heart disease has many faces…Michaela is making a difference.”

Julie Foster
Vice President, CRDM Marketing