Michaela Gagne has spoken to a wide variety of organizations and groups. Her audiences include:

  • The American Heart Association
  • Raytheon
  • Medtronic
  • Sun Life Financial
  • The National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Leadership Conference
  • The Boston Conference for Women
  • Mercy Medical Center, Iowa
  • Toronto Hospital for Sick Children
  • Parent Heart Watch and its affiliates
  • Heartbeat International
  • The Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) Foundation
  • Hearts at Play
  • Camp Meridian
  • The Katie Brown Educational Program
  • Sister to Sister
  • Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (MAHPERD)
  • Boys and Girls Club
    …and many more!

“SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) is a killer, and Michaela realizes how lucky she is to have been properly diagnosed and treated. Her speech was a very informative and internally emotional presentation that sent a very clear message to the audience about passion, commitment, and striving to live your dreams.”

Dennis Vetrano R.N.
Channel Manager
Philips Medical Systems-Resuscitation

“Michaela captivated our audience with her personal journey and strength in a way that touched every person in the room. Her experience and advice were insightful and educational, and helped us all understand the importance of our health and some of the warning signs to be aware of.”

Judy Durkin
Raytheon Company
VP Financial Planning

“Michaela Gagne is an articulate and passionate speaker, a natural leader, and she is comfortable speaking with all groups, everyone from politicians to school children. Michaela’s presentation is heartfelt and impressive. She is a tireless advocate, always upbeat and supportive.”

Carolyn Fahey RN
Jordan Hospital

“Michaela has a very unique ability to form instant bonds with her audience. She captures their attention and affection while sharing her personal story and journey. Her speeches thoroughly educate the audience on the issues and leave them more inspired to take action. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to be educated on heart health.”

Joe Ricci
Territory Sales Manager
Cardiac Science Corporation

“Ms. Gagne has chosen to utilize her personal experience and celebrity status to share her life story with us and raise awareness of this significant public health risk. Her description of moving from high school athlete to beauty queen to heart patient is truly inspirational and provides perspective for anyone who has faced adversity.”

Drew Logan
District Manager, Central New England
Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management

“Michaela triumphs as one of the most effective and heartfelt speakers I’ve ever heard. She conveys to her audience through her personal story that sudden cardiac prevention is a necessity in the life of every person. Securing her as a speaker would be an asset to any program!”
Maria Melchionda
Executive Director
Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

“Michaela’s style is dramatic yet compelling. Her message is forthright and meaningful. As a speaker, she possesses all the attributes to present a credible message. I recommend her wholeheartedly and without any reservation whatsoever.”

Wellington J. Ramsey, III; Monterey, CA
Sudden Cardiac Arrest National Leadership Conference audience participant

“Michaela has used her story as an inspiration for others with heart problems, offering encouragement and portraying optimism. Her charm, sincerity, warmth and openness were felt by everyone in attendance. She was elegant and eloquent while poised and positive!”

Marianne Daoust RN
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Device Clinic Coordinator

“Michaela is articulate, sincere, personable and committed to saving the lives of children. She added a level of sophistication, credibility and passion to our event. Our guests were definitely touched by her story.”
Darren Sudman
Founder of Simon’s Fund

“Michaela’s dynamic personality and outgoing presentation style, coupled with her inspirational message of heart health awareness, truly resonated with our employees. Michaela’s diagnosis of heart disease and her ongoing devotion to promoting awareness and heart saver preparedness make her an inspiration to others.”

Elena Murphy, RN
Medical Services Coordinator
Sun Life Financial

“I had the pleasure of hearing Michaela speak at a Heartbeat International event in 2007. I found her story to be educational and inspiring. I wish more patients were able and willing to communicate their story like Michaela.”

Blake Hunter
Founder, PacemakerClub.com

“Despite my own knowledge and expertise in the field of sudden cardiac arrest, I learned much from what Michaela had to say. Her speech was eloquent, informative, and moving. Her passion, knowledge and energy will surely further the cause of prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in young exercising athletes.”

Ashwin Rao, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Hall Health Sports Medicine
Department of Family Medicine
University of Washington

“Michaela Gagne is a talented, enthusiastic speaker. She captivates her audience by her beauty not only from the outside, but also the beauty of speaking straight from the heart. She has been a vital public spokesperson for Camp Meridian and the kids and adults love her!”

Naomi S. Gauthier, MD
Founder Camp Meridian

“Michaela Gagne is an extraordinary young woman sharing her story of survival. Not only does she passionately educate her audience about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and its prevention but she has shown genuine compassion to families who have lost a child to SCA. It is my honor to
have her on my team as a dedicated Heart Health Advocate.”

Khristin Carroll
NH State Representative
Parent Heart Watch

“Michaela Gagne has a dynamic personality and passionate story. Her life story and the way she turns a potential tragic lifestyle into a heart energizing positive message made our organization and members feel inspired and empowered.”

Linette Derminer
Co Founder, Executive Director of Parent Heart Watch

“I first met Michaela Gagne in Dallas in 2007 at the annual Parent Heart Watch Conference. I was immediately impressed. As a parent who has lost a child to Sudden Cardiac Arrest from a previously undiagnosed heart condition, it was refreshing to meet someone who discovered her problem in time and is living an exemplary life. After discovering they have a potentially fatal heart condition, a lot of people would have become depressed and reclusive. Not Michaela. She has overcome adversity and turned it around. Michaela is an excellent speaker and has a powerful, inspiring story to tell. She is passionate about everything she does. It is a pleasure and an honor to know her.”

Robert Roy
President – The Travis R. Roy Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fund

“Michaela is a dynamic and articulate speaker on a multitude of topics relating to heart disease. She captures the attention of her audience by sharing her compelling personal story. Her approach is warm and her message is clear. Although hearing she had heart disease as an active, ambitious child, Michaela has channeled her energy as an adult to educate and create awareness. She lives her life to the fullest and is an example that heart disease has many faces…Michaela is making a difference.”

Julie Foster
Vice President, CRDM Marketing

“Michaela Gagne is a superb speaker. She speaks from her heart with authority, intelligence, sincerity and passion. Her conversational tone, sense of humor, eye contact and comfort at the podium all enhance her presentation. I would not hesitate to have Michaela speak to any audience of any age, be they lay people or health professionals.”

Jay S. Schachne MD FACC

“Not only did she convey her passion for sudden cardiac arrest awareness and prevention, but Michaela also delivered her story with such grace and enthusiasm that the audience was completely engaged. She was easily able to relate to all age levels and serves as a role model for those affected by SCA.”

Megan Jorgensen
Mercy Medical Center—Des Moines
Public Relations and Marketing, Account Executive

“Michaela was a wonderful choice for our Young Hearts with ICD’s Conference. She was able to tell her story to our patients and families relating to the disappointments in life and the wonderful, unknown possibilities that a different road can hold. Her energy and love of life are evident and her uplifting story of making the best of what ever comes your way in life was well received by our attendees.”

Jean Gingerich, RN, BSN
Nurse Specialist, Pediatric Electrophysiology
IBHRE Certified EP Specialist
University of Iowa Children’s Hospital