Ah, yes…another year is here for lobbying in Washington, D.C. with the American Heart Association!  This will be my third visit to this amazing event where hundreds of volunteers and advocates from across the country join forces to show their support in ending the number one cause of death in our country: heart disease.  It doesn’t get any more powerful than seeing our sea of red flood the Capitol’s lawns as we urge our lawmakers to help us in this fight.  I look forward to meeting again with Congressman McGovern, a huge champion of our cause.  Senators Kennedy and Kerry have also given us tremendous support.  Go Massachusetts!

On Monday we will have a great, empowering day of trainings that include learning how to effectively share our stories, gaining a greater understanding of the process of how laws come to exist, productive media communication tools, and so much more.  It will be wonderful to re-connect with my fellow advocates from across the country, especially other survivors, and it will be even more exciting to once again take part in lobbying for this great cause to put an end to heart disease.  Stay tuned!