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Survivor & Professional Speaker on Heart Health Advocacy

Archive for 'Interviews'

It was very exciting to be featured in a CPR and Kids segment on CNN during Heart Month!  This interview let me share the importance of CPR, my personal experience with a heart condition, and what is important in becoming certified.

(Check my piece out at approximately 2:00)


In December 2008 I finished a Thanatology Certificate at Bristol Community College.  I was fortunate to have been awarded a free year of tuition to the school for having captured the Miss Massachusetts title in 2006-2007.  BCC does segments featuring alumni making a difference in the community, and they asked if I would be willing to be intervied at my place of work, St. Vincent’s Home. 


Check it out: Click In 

(Scroll to about 20:45 to see my piece!)


Check out my audio interview with Diva Toolbox here!


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Diva Toolbox is committed to providing various resources to today’s women to help them achieve all of their goals in life.  My interview speaks on the ways we can lead a heart healthier life and help others along the way.


The STARS-US (Syncope Trust and Reflex Anoxic Seizures) organization now features my story on their website! The mission of this group is to work together with individuals, families, and medical professionals to offer support and information on syncope conditions. Syncope is essentially another word for fainting, and this is the classic symptom of my heart condition, LongQT Syndrome.

Check it out: click in


My article entitled “Obstacles to Opportunities” is now featured on the www.DivaToolbox.com, a women’s website dedicated to the idea that “within you lies the ability to do anything…find it.” It’s a great place for information and inspiration for women of all ages!

Check out my article and Diva Toolbox: click in


I was recently chosen as an Inspirational Luminary on InspireMeToday.com, a website dedicated to sharing the motivational stories of others as a means to inspire people to live their lives in an amazing way. 

Check it out!

Michaela Gagne on InspireMeToday.com: click in


Here is my “Today’s Brilliance” featured on the site:

I believe that there’s no greater force in the world than love, and that those who welcome it in to their lives will truly live.
I believe that adults should give themselves permission to be children.  Sing, paint, laugh, play, grow…and you will surely be happier and offer more to this world.
I believe that life is not about what could have happened.  Life is about what is.  Life is about looking through the front windshield while I’m driving, not the rearview mirror.
I believe that dreams are so important, but some may never come true…and that’s okay.  A disappointment can hold a new sense of purpose and direction.  I will never, ever stop dreaming…I just won’t stop myself from reshaping those goals into something even greater.
I believe in celebrating the people who have helped shape me into the fighter, giver, dreamer, artist, optimist, survivor, and believer I have become.  I will show my love and appreciation to the family and friends who make my life beautiful.
I believe that life is about choices.  I can choose to make my life and this world better.  I can choose to turn obstacles into opportunities.  I can choose to see the potential that surrounds me at every moment.
I believe in making every day special.  Special has many definitions.  What’s yours?