I was recently chosen as an Inspirational Luminary on InspireMeToday.com, a website dedicated to sharing the motivational stories of others as a means to inspire people to live their lives in an amazing way. 

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Here is my “Today’s Brilliance” featured on the site:

I believe that there’s no greater force in the world than love, and that those who welcome it in to their lives will truly live.
I believe that adults should give themselves permission to be children.  Sing, paint, laugh, play, grow…and you will surely be happier and offer more to this world.
I believe that life is not about what could have happened.  Life is about what is.  Life is about looking through the front windshield while I’m driving, not the rearview mirror.
I believe that dreams are so important, but some may never come true…and that’s okay.  A disappointment can hold a new sense of purpose and direction.  I will never, ever stop dreaming…I just won’t stop myself from reshaping those goals into something even greater.
I believe in celebrating the people who have helped shape me into the fighter, giver, dreamer, artist, optimist, survivor, and believer I have become.  I will show my love and appreciation to the family and friends who make my life beautiful.
I believe that life is about choices.  I can choose to make my life and this world better.  I can choose to turn obstacles into opportunities.  I can choose to see the potential that surrounds me at every moment.
I believe in making every day special.  Special has many definitions.  What’s yours?